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To find us and add us as friends on the Playstation Network to play with us on our worlds and your worlds or to build something together add the following accounts:

The below accounts are all of the official MCC Crafting PSN accounts! Anyone claiming to be from MCC Crafting with any PSN name other than those mentioned below is a fake and is most likely lying to you about much more! Don't be fooled by impostors!
Crafter/Admin: PSN: MCCCrafting00001
Crafter/Admin: PSN: MCC-Crafting (NEW!!)
Crafter/Admin: PSN:
Creative/Server: PSN:
Survival/Server: PSN:
Survival/Server: PSN:

To get on this MCC Crafting PSN friends list server you must be able to prove regular support over a variety of my videos. Supporters/Server: PSN:


Information regarding connecting with us through Playstation Network.

Build at "Los Block Santos" before the world goes up for download visit my Youtube channel for more info!
We turn our on-screen notifications off! This means if you friend request us or send us a message through PSN we will not know until we enter our mail boxes. Please be patient and do not expect instant replies to messages and requests, we do this as we are often filming for Youtube and do not wish for the on-screen notifications to keep popping up on the videos.
In regards to adding our "Server Accounts" we may only accept friends requests when either using that account or running a game.

Although we do run some games on occasions we are really builders more so than players of the game, also being admin for games is very time consuming, boring and not many players are exactly thankful and or show their support, Most of our time on Minecraft is spent building on our Crafter/Admin accounts, do not expect these accounts to host games, if you join a world with one of these accounts then they are playing a game not as admin or crafting a world that you have the privilege of viewing a sneak preview before released to the public, if you wish to play a game with or on a MCC Crafting server you will need to add our server accounts listed above at the top of the page.

Do not ask for admin rights! You will be selected for such a privilege, if you ask you will be kicked!
Do not ask for any privileges or you will be kicked, Admin will grant you privileges at their own discretion to whom they feel deserves it. if you ask you will be kicked.
Do not stand in builders way! If you have the privilege of joining one of our worlds under construction then please feel free to take a look around, if admin grant you an ability such as opening doors to checkout inside buildings then be grateful, if you stand in the way or fly continuously in front of builders you will be kicked. Do not ask to open chests you have no need! unless playing a game and or admin grant you the privilege.
Those continuously being kicked will be removed from friends lists on all of our accounts!

Hunger Games:
Our Hunger games are based on our rules not how other hosts play their games.
In general our Hunger Games continue until all players have left the world or all decide to vote for a new world, we do not play one life games as admin do not have the time to keep loading up worlds every five minutes and inviting everyone again. Our worlds have plenty of areas to explore with sniper plots and some epic battle arenas, back drops and environments so make use of them, If you die come back for those revenge kills don't just leave the game, there are plenty of chest with plenty of armour and weapons, get stuck in deep and find them.
We have flooded the worlds with chests and items for one reason to keep the server running as long as possible before needing to be reloaded, Remember! we do this for FREE! In general we do not allow building and eating in Hunger Games.

MCC Crafting Hunger Games Guideline Rules:
Expect admin to sometimes balance the game by teleporting players.

1. No spawn killing
2. Uneven teams welcome for example 1 against 3 etc.
3. No building so no eating or drinking potions either!
4. No flying
5. Multiple lives, as many as you wish the game to continue for! (Game continues so long as there are multiple players in the world)
6. Players can enter and leave the world as many times as they wish and new players can join at any time.
7. Enchantment welcome!
8. Property claiming welcome.
9. Raiding welcome.
10. Team sabotage welcome.
11. Some items and objects are in the world for effect purposes only! Don't complain you cant use them all.
12. When using your mic or headset Please No Shouters!, No Screamers!, No Singing! and No background sounds and noise like a loud group of people and or music. (You will be kicked)
13. Complainers will be kicked!
14.Have fun!
15. No asking for privileges such as admin or that have been excluded in the above rules, this will get you kicked!

Fair play is not essentially a rule but it is frowned upon if you do not give players at least some chance to leave the spawn area and find some form of defence! Players hording all the top armour and attacking players as they spawn or leave the spawn area may be assassinated by admin and all items collected by admin and re-distributed to chest around the world, You may also be teleported or even kicked by admin!

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